Oh My Fiesta! is an Online Magazine with free ideas and material for every kind of party or celebration that was born on September the 3rd of 2013. Back then, it was a blogin spanish named  "Disfrutando en mi Hogar" ("Enjoying My Home" would be the translation of it), where I wrote about  my hobbies that I practice in my house, cooking recipes, nail art, crafts and more.

One day I found a picture of a party decoration on internet that I thought it was very easy to do but it was without explanations or templates. I decided to put all these things in my blog and... it was a hit! Then I put more things of parties in my blog and the number of my followers grew impressively and also the comments and thanks notes for helping doing parties in a affordable way. There´s how in May of 2013, when I had in the blog more than 5 thousend post and 3 thousend daily views, I decided to change the name to something more appropriate, specially to make it easier to the people to find something inside the web.

Now the content of Oh My Fiesta! is a resource collection found on the internet and, sometimes, improved with explanations so anybody can have a party having not a lot of knowledge of the topics like crafts, desserts or decoration, for example. 

I´m going to explain myself better: sometimes I find something on the internet like a picture of a decoration, for example, that is really easy to do and that looks very professional. Take the case of one of the favorite post of  Oh My Fiesta!Mickey and Minnie Party Ideas.

ideas para decorar fiestas de Mickey y Minnie

There was no comment of this where I found the picture. I thought it was a great decoration because, besides it was "very Mickey" it´s also elegant...but very special. And I say this from my perspective of a worker mother that wants that the birthdays of her loving ones are fantastic but also that the celebration fit on a budget and, if it´s possible, it´s easy to do and doesn´t take a long time to do.

And so, I add some indications of how to do every detail and the needed templates. So everyone can make something so cute like the picture! That´s our main goal.

Later I post some of the things that have more success in Oh My Fiesta!: the free printable material. This could happen because there are wonderful people all around the world that make very complete fantastic desings with everything you need to personalize a party of any theme.  Of course I only post material that is for free and that the owners of it doesn´t mind that I post and always saying where did I found it. All the material that I put in Oh My Fiesta! must have these requirements:

  • To have great quality, so when you print it, it looks just like how it looks in the screen. No pixels or different colors. 
  • To have good size.
  • To be very beautiful.
  • For Free. I stress this, I´ll never post something that is not free. If you find something in our pages that is not free, it could be because someone put it in a website and say it was for free. If is this the case, please let us know
As the time has gone by, we have seen that there is some material in  Oh My Fiesta!, that deserve its own website. So, from October 2014 I have started to do special webs depending of the theme. And that´s how  Oh My Fiesta Group! has born.

I deeply thank every single person that visit Oh My Fiesta Group! webs, who download and share its material (specially the ones that share a link that goes directly to our webs) and leave us comments in the webs or at our social networks because thanks to them is that Oh My Fiesta! could have grown to the point to be nowadays a leader of the afordable material and ideas to make extraordinary parties with quality... and in this way ENJOY THE PARTY!

A big hug!

Ivette González
Oh My Fiesta Group
Foundress and CEO.  

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